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Moulton John Harrox Clubs


On this page you will find details of the clubs running at school and booking information.

Athletics Club
Y3 - 6
Games Club
Reception - Y2

Expert coaching each week in different running, jumping and throwing events. Lots of opportunity for competition and to get fitter.

Fun warm up games, chasing games, relay races, then something different each week ranging from parachute games, dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, crazy catch etc etc

Great fun and great exercise!

Booking forms can be;

  • emailed direct to

  • mailed to Agilitas Sports Ltd, 69 Casterton Road, Stamford, Lincs PE9 2UB

  • handed into reception at school by Tuesday 22nd March please.

Payment options are listed on the booking form.

Please do not send cash by post. The cost for the 13 sessions is £3.00 per session excl VAT (£46.80 Total Inc VAT)


Please 'click' on this
picture for a Word document version of our booking form.
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